Mejikuhibiniu Days

Bonjour! :)

I got colorful days lately..Yaahh.. So many things happened to me this couple of days...Happiness, laughter,anger, cried, shocked,grumpied... Ahh..many things came to mee... I just call it mejikuhibiniu days..:)

I just had a fight with someone, it was a tiny problem actually when i think about it. I giggled,, it was just like a silly problem. Both of us just felt that that i am the right one, and you are the wrong one. We put all the blame on each other. And we had a fight. anger, sadness ,grumpied all mixed into one..And yaay, there must be someone who calms it down, mengalah.. Each time that we had a fight, one song popped in my mind that describes it most.

And now it's I'm yellin' over her, she yellin' over me
All that means is neither of us is listening

And what's even worse?
That we don't even remember why we're fighting
So both of us are mad for

Nothing, fighting for
Nothin', crying for
But we won't let it go for

Nothing, no not for
Nothing, this should be
Nothing to a love like what we got

*Song:Mad by Ne-yo

Hihihi...when I remembered what we have done, i giggled.
Buuut the bright colours came to me also.. For a of couple days, I hung around with my family, I laughed so much,and we had a great time...
And hey!a few days ago my mom want to took pictures,like you guys know in my previous posts she got addicted to facebook, and she wanted to post a nice picture for her Facebook..heheh..narcism...
I posted some of them in Facebook..

On the same day, my mom asked me to take pictures of my brother.Because he needs it to make his student card.buutt.. the worse things is, the background must be red.Geezz..we don't have a red wall my "genius" lil brother magically transformed his Mickey Mouse blanket for a background..yahhh actually the blanket is not red, its sorta orangy maybe..or rrrred......bulukan?

What do you think?huh?

When "photo session" took place,my mom laughed so much, it made my lil brother angry, he said he can't get a handsome picture!Haha.


  1. adikmu itu lucu ya nik

    good job good background
    yeah nicce idea laah wkwkwkw

  2. ms DooDoo: haha..makassiii sekalii..btw ini sapa?melood?