I'm getting fat!OMAIGOD!

Yum yum! 2 days ago I made cookies with Yoevieta..Yahh we are not really good on this.. :)
so we asked to our uncle to help us..he and his wife have a bakery..Both of them are great in this..They makes so many variation of cookies, bread, roll cake,anything they can make...So we learn from expert people..:D
It was a great day! mess everywhere, dirty, dirty, laugh! We got a duper experience, we mixed the inggridents, molded, baked, drawed with icing...Anndd we loveee the result...not perfect actually..but for newbie like us they looks perfecto... :D
And hereee theyy areee....

Uh oh...it was not easy to drawed them...believe it or not, we need about 3 hour to drawed them..only for draw!Look on my shinny face...fiuhh...

She made a cute cookie monster!

He was so patient to teach us! thankss suk!

Freeesh from oveen....ukkhhh..warmy warmy... :O

Jreng jreng..heree theyy aree....we baked many of different cookies..There are so many variations...Silly faces, our name, colourfull fish, panda, mickey... and hey I made for my fam too hehe..I scratch their name in my cookies..

Yah they look like prety nice ya?hehe... hey! Do you curious about the flavour? They really delicious..crunchy and soft. I'm telling the truth! Yah for me they taste good..:)

Times moving so fast, independence days is near...And I really want to join *contest or competition* !Like catch eel, eat krupuk, balap karung! Like good old times heheh... Today I went to school with my friend, and obviously they have LOMBAAA... They were so hilarious and silly.. I laughed so much, until I was not relaise that I cried yahh... baby cried! I really miss my great damn high school moment! Miss miss miss so muchhhh...... I miss my friends so badly.. I really miss the lomba! Damn..I'm gonna cry again...


  1. *TOS*
    sama2 getting fat yaaa liburan ini


  2. maauuuuuuu cccooookkkkiiiieeessssnyyyyaaaa!! =DDDDDD

  3. Ms.DooDoo: ini melodod yaa?!
    iya ni lemak uda kemana2...ckckck

    sara:ak maaaauuuu pitaammmuuu....ajaaariiinn....:D