I realy hate to say goodbye

Huff...today,13 hours later I'm gonna back to Jakarta,back to the reality..!Like Alex said to me, "it's time to put our mask again"

This week has been so great..Met my old friends, hung around, played and played! Tonight I have a barbeque with them..That was totally a crazy night, we ate a lot, took some pictures, played card, did silly things, ukhhh so hilarious! it was full of stomach churning ,hahah... so so precious...!And they sucessfull made me don't want to back to Jakarta..
well once again, be realistic,you have life to do..

They are so wonderfull!

Really hate to say goodbye, really hate farewell..Byee byee...love youu..big hugg for youuu!
kiss kiss

Fortune Cookies

cracked my fortune cookies,annndd my 'fortune' today is.....

like like this! yap! I'm gonna face it!with my head up and a big smile :)

**Please tell me when is the ending , I'm really tired..hmpf..


Happy Birthday Dustin! :)

Friday already? ohh my... times is flying so fassstt... And it happened again, I'm too happy here, and don't want to go back to Jakarta.. I really hate goodbyes.. Especially when my friends are coming back to Malang, we rarely to meet each other.so lately, we just spent a great times..!


It was so much fun there, lots of good food and lots of stories! It's so much fun to spend a relaxing day with friends, gossiping, laughing, and talking about good old times.. it feels like flash back, it feels like an age since I didn't laugh out loud..huuuff...

I really hate farewell..


And this feeling always pops out when I should go back to Jakarta, ALWAYS! suddenly I become a moody and mellow person......and scared for nothing.yahh NOTHING niq..!

But I know life must go on and I realize that I'm too close for comfort.*jadi lagu deh*

Cut cut the grumbles!

Anyway thanks for Sara for the tag of "3 oh 3" :D
it is really better than I posting a grumpy post
soo here it is..

3 things you addicted to :

my little smelly pillow, biting my nails, internet!

3 things you interested to :
smart and funny boys, sewing, photography

3 things you found hot :
vin diesel*hot hot pop!!* a tall,gentle,cool,sixpack boys dengan suara serak serak basah nya,raawwrr..Malang *getting HOT*

3 wildest dream :
nari Hip Hop di depan orang banyak :)
travelling around the world when I'm 25 years old just by myself,alone!
punya rumah d setiap negara XD

3 obsession :
become a succesfull woman, have a jealousy life, unstopable person

3 things you treasure the most :
family, photos of my childhood,my little pillow*again!*

3 types of smell you love :
bau rumah pertama kali dateng,my little pillow, minyak telon

3 types of smell you hate :
rokok! bau busway yang sesek2 an, minyak nyong nyong

3 bad habits :
bite my nails, kalo ga suka orang*d kenal maupun ga dikenal* ak bakal pasang tampang jijik dengan refleks,have a low low memory

3 things you love to wear :
short pants, sandals, big tees

3 childhood toys :
sepeda,pistol pistol an, mainan rumah rumah an

3 favorite author :
Ono Eriko, Road Dahl,have no ideas

3 favourite director:
ga tau, pokoknya bukan sutradara sinetron kacangan.

3 reason you do this thing :
karena lgi bete, better than i post a crap posting, d tag sara :)

3 person you would to tag to do this :
dann semuaaa yang lagi mengalami kegejean seperti saya saat ini..

hit the bed!


What a sunny day!


Hiii...I'm homeee....
Got back from my vacation, and got back to the hot sunny home..
The weather was so extremly hot in here..Made me so lazy to do anything and it made me in a bad mood..
Overall,I enjoyed my vacation, get away from madness of the city..walked on the seashore,walk around the Kuta square..enough for relaxing my mind..wohoo..
Buuutt, what I din't expect was the weathers, everyday was cloudy and light rain, it quiet ruined my holiday.Bali seemed so mellow..Well, I think that was better than sunny days..


Actually I feel a little silly to share about this holiday, because there are so manny places that we've not visited yet! Because my trip was just 4 days, and 4 days feel sooo fast..So we just visited some places, like Dreamland, Kuta square, Kuta beach,Waterboom.. And it felt too short for a holiday.. :(
ah ya! The traffic in Bali was so crazy.. Many vehicles in the small street, always full and crowded of strang
e people..sigh..

Anyways enough with the grumbles..

Eventhough there are so many bad things that came up, I trully enjoyed my vacation. Finally I got my holiday that I've wished lately..and at last my familly could gathered up in this holiday..
I'm posting this blog while watching a great movie"License to Wed" it is a really funny and touching movie..so romantic! So, sorry for my messy post, because my eyes are on the movie... :)



Finaallyyy, VACATION!! Yaaayy...
Tonight I will go to Bali..away from my boring daily life..Yaaayy...

See youu soon..I'll be back and bring my great story and my photos..heheh...
Adios Amigosss!!!hihi... :))

and for you guys who celebrate lebaran..selamat Idul Fitri..Mohon maaf lahir dan batin :)


mellow monday

Today is my second days in Malang, the weather is tottaly different with Jakarta, the hot Jakarta and the cold Malang. Since yesterday, when I got back here, Malang is so cloudly, little rain sometimes. Hmmm..Yellow mellow.. Tottaly different with hot, sunny Jakarta! I think that was over 1000 degrees out this week...!Huuff....

The perfect day. I really miss this time, wrapping in warm blanket and hear the sound of rain outside my window- which is happened last night. :D


Anndd my holiday just like before, relax at home, watching TV, grub and grub.What a lazy day! I'm getting fat and chubby...Oooh nooo...!
I don't want to waste my time like before, I want make my holiday more usefull..But I still don't know what I'm gonna do :) Well..Perhaps I will take some course.remember Uniq!make your time more more usefull...!

But I still want a great..



leaving tomorrow

Packing packing...huff..packing time...!
Tomorrow I gonna fly to my homee..I'm so happy and relieve...
Miss my hometowm, my bed, and of coursee my familyy!!

I got this image from here

Honestly I hate packing, it like take forever...And everything that I want to carry on ,is suddenly dissapear..! Ouh I'm so mess in packing..
well,I'm so tired to packing*lazy actually :)*, tomorrow I will wake up in the early morning and continue to packing..
Adios amigos
Bye bye jak! bye... hell.. :)

Polaroid time.

Since my last holiday, me and my familly had a plan, every sunday we go trip around Malang.Visited old place that we haven't visited for long times, or visited new place that we haven't visited yet.
Couple week ago my Dad purposed an idea to go to Selecta,in my imagine it will be a boring, crowded and old place.But my Dad was so excited want to go this place...
My mom said that it was my chilhood place, but I really forgot about this place..

My expectation was so false! Selecta is a beautifull place...
There is a lovely garden areas that full of colourfull flower! And all around me was greeny, it was soo fresh...

The buildings is still old, but it looks gorgeous vintage place...They keep all looking great, the building, the garden, the swimming pool..
I incredibly enjoyed it so much..We laughed, took pictures, played..so much fun..
When I write this and saw all the pictures, I wanna fly to my home so badly.I miss them so much!


A couple of days ago was the subject that I'm waiting for, Photographic Communication. I'm so interested with photography and I want to learn it more and more. I always imagine the teacher that will be teach me like a fun,and creative person.But what did I got? I'm just a little bit disappointed with him, he is a "bule" with low voice which made it so boring.I was sleepy when he told us about his subject and his rules. he is like a really boring person.But when he showed us the video about father of modern journalism, I GOT INTERESTED!
Henri cartier-bresson, he helped develop the "street photography" or "real life reportage" style that has influenced generations of photographers that followed.

His photos are beautiful. He was truly a great man and simply the best photographer of all time!His photos are just simple but they look so marvelous... You must be curious what camera did he used, he was borned at France in 1908 and died in 2004.So there must not be a DSLR at his period, he used a Leica rangefinder, and one lens, a 50mm, for almost all of his life's work.The unique from of this Leica .it's view finder is in the left of the camera, not in the midlle like usual cameras, so when one of your eyes shoot something ,you also can explore what is around you..

vintage camera,huh?but you are gonna be surprise with the price, it is about $700-$8000, and the lenses is about $1000-3000! Couple days ago they launched a new Leica, M9.interested?

special for you

back to reality

I'm just so busy lately, I prepared to back to Jakarta, that was a lot of stuff like piles of stuff!
Well finally I'm back to reality, Jakarta.
But I didn't cry like before, I'm just think that life must go on....

when i got back in my room i have to clean it up..it really mess everywhere..smell yuuuck ,dusty.it took like forever to cleaned it up...

And there are new housemates in my boarding house,from Korea. Yesterday, we played card , and it soo funn.I laugh so muuch!It make me think,that back to Jakarta is not that bad!love love love! :)