Aku ingin begini aku ingin begitu*so manny things I want*

Heyy fellas! how's your holiday? I hope you have a great holiday like mine...!Yaaay...I had great holiday, so much fun here..And I really don't want to go back to college.. I'm too happy playing around..

There are so manny things that pop in my mind lately like I want this things, and I want that things..and alsoo that!! I'm a person that if I want something I must get it NOW...!
But I know some of them i can't get it right now, soo I just can write it, at least it makes me feel relieve.

i want it

Here's the 6 things I came up with:

1.I wish time move morree slowly
Do you feel the same as me, like time is moving so fasssst...hence,if you are being happy, whyy times moving soo fasst..? I looveee my holiday so much! less problem, less stress, there are so much fun, joy and laughter. My holiday rooocks! I know I know I must go back to Jakarta, I just don't want to leave them.

2.Going abroad!

I want it so badddlyyy....See another country, nice traveling, meet new people, take photos.
I want an awesome vacay!My mom promised me that we will take vacation in next holiday, I hope she will keep her promise.

3.BIG hug!
hahahah..I don't know why, I like hugging so muchh.I'm huggable.. :D
Huugie makes you feel relieved, feel better, and totally helps you to forget all of your problem..hufff...
That's why I have 3 bosters,3 pillow, 2 little bosters, 3 huge dolls in my bed! yahh...when I am sad or crying I must grab something to hug... and I have one little pillow it is really comfy,stinky,old,warm..I loveeee it soo mucchh..I bring it everywhere,in my flight, watching TV,do my assigments,even when I was too scared to go to toilet in the middle of the night.. :D
It really worked when you are in a bad situation.

4.Ne yo album
I adore this guy so badly... I love his moves, his music and of course lyrics of his songs, His songs is easy listening, but it always touching :)
couple days ago I searched his new songs, and he has so manny song,but still single.Perhaps, he will make a new album.When it comes,I will grab it immediately!

5.Food food food!
yahh..I want to eat so manny food right now.especially Malang's food!before I go back to Jakarta I must eat eat eat....I want them all like in a big table,and I just grab everything I want until I get full..

6.I want to go back to college.
Like I told you before, I'm just totally happy in my holiday.BIG happy!

Soo do you have wish list like mine too? I tag anyone who wants to make it.

BIG huggiiieee....:))

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