Too lazy to think the title

Hey fellas!watcha doing?
It's feel so lazy to update my blog.I just felt uncreative and not even inspired! I'm terribly bored, and I desperately in need of a super vacation! Like I've told you before, my holiday feels so boring..Stay up all night and just wake up anytime I want, watch DVD everyday. Gosh!What a lazy lazy day!
And this "nothing to do" holiday makes me feel dizzy, I feel my head spin around. Maybe it's because I never do exercise. Have you ever feel like this?
I really want to go somewhere but I don't have any idea where I should go, Malang feel so bored.
And then I start to think....Hmmm...I should not do this anymore, I must do something useful...So I just think think...still got no idea...really!Stuck!

So I arranged a little plan, that will kill my time at least yahh for a short time..

1.I want to take it serious with Lilo, my Holga lomo camera*someone gave me this toy camera for my 17th birthday* But I don't know how to use it, it's really difficult.The photos was so many leaks, burned. Maybe it because the fil roll I bought was wrong, the ISO or setting.So I want to practice, buy many of lot of film roll and browse for any tips for a great result.

2.I want to sell my cell phone, because
he is getting stupid.I will look arround for his replacement.

3.Wanna make plan to go somewhere with my friends.I promised with disa to take a photo shoot, but still didn't know when..

4.Take an english course maybeeeee...yaahh.. just want to praticing my english and of course!for killing time...

5.Refit my jeans,hehe. I've bought for ages.It's too big for me, but
I'm so laaazy to repair it.

And heeyy, i got a new background for my blog...colourful.heheh...And I got a new handwriting in this
web, pretty nice ,huh? and think I will put it in my every post. :)

PS:I've been so addicted to Black Eyed Peas new song"I gotta feeling".The songs and video is ceriaa!hehehehh... I couldn't give you the link, because I didn't get the good quality for the video.Sorry.

A feeling,wohoo..that's tonight gonna be a good good night!
:)) It cheers my daaayy!


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