Indomie rocks! :)

Couple of days ago, unintentionally I caught Indomie's fan site in Facebook...And I joined..I heart it soo much! The taste is damn delicious and makes me want it more, more and more....
who doesn't?! Most people love it, *especially the one with the white package .I give it a 100!* housewifes, students, especially students who lives in boarding houses*like me*, backpacker, aaahh anyone should lovin' it...Raise up your hands if you are agree with me! :)

And what is suprising?! This fans site has about 194.000 fans...And the fans are not from Indonesian or Asian too..but people from the any entire world love it so muchh.. from Europe until Africa!
But sadly there is one picture ,a woman *she seems not from Asia*who loves Indomie too, but she didn't believe that Indomie is from Indonesia, she is really sure that Indomie comes from Malaysia!how stupid is she! INDO-MIE:Indonesia mie*noodles* dummy....

Anyway, I proud of this "mie instant" not only from the yummy taste but it only cost Rp 1000,00 in warung-warung, but if you go abroad you will need about $12 per box...yeah!

I don't know how this "MSG noodle" can make so many people A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D ,even if it is absoultelly not good for our health.huh...I don't careee...

Indomieee seleraaakuuuu.....:D

a mie goreng a day, keeps the doctor well paid! LOL. i love this quote. :D


I want all them in my bed!Indonesian student who is studying in Australia.

It is from Australia too .
He use the Indomie box for CPU!
Innovative and creative!

Nachos!Iwant try it too :)

It is where Greece meets Indonesia :)


  1. ckckck. i love indomie too. tp bkin cepet mati yah bo.hahaha

  2. buahaha,,iyaa,,ak tiap kali liat gambar2 ini jadi laper..saraaa..ceptan cerita aladin muu!