Much much better!

Yaayy finnaly I had a great dinner that I've been waiting for.. I really wanted to have dinner in this restaurant,L'amour..I'm so bored with the same old food, the same old places in Malang. It's been ages since I went there..So I want to go to that place again..
This place is really great, vintage but this place is too dark,for me some places look like scary.The restaurant is connected with Hotel Tugu, that connection through a hall way call Sahara. This hall way was poorly lit, they use blue lamps! totaly horror! And before you reach the lobby of the hotel Tugu, You must walk through a room full old pictures, antique stuffs, vintage stuffs, from China, Javanese, Holland. For me it wass sooo scary! I've cried before because my cousin showed me a picture of looong haired lady wear white dress...I was so shocked!But that was way back:) Silly me.

Because our routinite we rarely meet, but yesterday Alx asked me to dinner in this place.Yaay! I was soo happy!
I've been so addicted to photography I always bring my Goldie*my pocket cam*everywhere,I don't want to miss any moment...soo here are some photos... :)

bread stick

My meal, entrecote aux holland.The taste was so..

Gigot d agneu
I tried his meal ,lamb,he ordered medium rare andd the taste was yuckkk! I spilled it out...!it was so rare, you can smell the scent of the lamb!Ukhhh...The taste wass so terible..I crinkle my nose when I wrote this, I can still feel the tastee... dem!

For me the dinner was terrible, because I'm not so sastified with the meal. But I heart the desert! I always love the desert in here, last time I ate creme brulee,it was so tasty.Last night I ate chocolate lava explosion, sooo delicious !

I can still feel the chocolate melting in my mouth.yuuumyy!

Look! what's behind mee??!

Actually the lighting was darker, looked spooky :)
So we looked for the light switch of lamp, and there was soo manny switches,
so we find the right one.We push all the switches randomly,nothing worked.But the light just get messed up.Yahh..the lighting got better than before..

Alx said it is his favourite.He said the picture was so perfect

Orange hall way

We explored this hotel, we looked around..Found so many things, scary spa,meeting room, president suite room, it was not look like luxurious room it looked like horror! spooky for me..
But I seriously enjoyed it so much...!We had so much fun...Dinner plus exploring.. :D
After some explored I found that this place is not scary at all.It was marvelous actually.


  1. niq itu apa toh yang di foto kamu yang ada bayangan???

    trus yang lukisan itu lukisan yang dulu pernah kamu critain ya??? ngerii ya mau donk fotoin lukisannya :D


  2. ga taauu..katanya si alx emang ada orang jalan d belakang ku,trus shutter speed nya lama gt...heheh maaauu fotoin seell, ngeri...kamu aja ayok ke maalang!!

  3. yaoloh unik tugu kan yg buanayk hantunya.... iiiih ada restorannya toh? baru tau aku nik. hiiii aku nga mau kesana

  4. looh kamu uda pernah ke snaa? restaurant nya bagus koq..vic kamu kalo ke malang cerita doonk..ntar kita putar2 bersamaa..