grumpy grumpy umpium!

hell yeah! i'm getting grumpy, i don't know why, i'm just feeling grumpy!
Today i woke up like the usual,to lazy to take a bath, i grabed my breakfast first and turned on the TV. 2 weeks since i got sick, actually not realy a serious disease.just radang tenggorokan!but it makes me feel like made me so lazy to do for 2 weeks since i got back from jakarta, all i do is just eat, sleep, watch TV.just like that everyday,what a lazy day!!
i always love to hang out with my friends, because i miss them so much.but i prefer to stay at home....:( it's weird for meee.pluuuuss i lost my voice for 2 days!! @#$%^

when i was in my comfort zone, my mom screamed!
my mom:nonikkk!gara2 facebook rumah kita banjir!
me:hah?opo ae toh?
*lari ke bawah*
it has never been like this!

banjiiirrr everywherrreee!!!
my mom:tadi mama nguras aquarium, trus tak tinggal facebook an.trus banjir d mana2!


yah, my mom is getting addicted to facebook lately.hahhaah!

eniwei it's my daddy's birthday!
and we took some picture, honestly all the photos are silly.heheh..but i'm lovin' it!
the bucket of flowers from my advise is:send parcel of food later!

here we goes for the photos session:

not yet not yet!

my little brother screwed it!

*grumpy* my father accidentally steped on his feet!

* i hate my silly face though*

..happy birthdaaaayy to youu DADDY...!
i love youuuuu!!!