Friendzzzy......! we are in the month of august !! Times feel so fast...huh?
Today i hung out with my friends, and we watched movies that we have canceled for many times..
Finally we can see each other, and watch Punk in Love! I really want to watch this movies, because the shot was taken in Malangg! ahahaha....
It is about a friendship of four punks, Arok (Vino G. Bastian), Yoji (Andhika Pratama), Mojo (Yogi Finanda), and Almira (Aulia Sarah).Arok wants to show his love to Maia, before she marry with another guy at Jakarta and his friends kindly accompany him to chase after his love . Their adventure story began from Malang*yuhuuu* and then they hitch a ride to Gunung bromo, Blitar, Semarang, and finally Jakarta..Their journey is full of stomach churning events , that a part which they were forced to sing dangdut songs to get food, and they did a hilariously great job!rambut boleh jigrak tapi hati tetep... dangdut! Ah another part is when they pretended to be drunk so they can threat a abang sate to get free sate.They are certain that their effort will pay of*berbekalkan wajah sangar*, but to their surprise the abang sate knows pencak silat.....and he can do wicked things with a celurit.Eh eh another another hilarious part, they want to steal tampon because Almira is having her period, but the owner of the warung just gave it away because he is from Malang too, and they so proudly sang the AREMA song together.."Ayo ayo Arema,sore ini kita harus must see their expressions! Ah there are lot of hilarious part...heheh...Overall I enjoyed the movie very much, it was so hilarious! I laughed so muchh...Besides that, they use javanese languange*sangat-sangat medok pol*.Perhaps if you don't understand their language you will not be so interested with this movies.
It was a realy tiring day,so it's time to wrap my self in my warm blanket!yihaaa....

*sorry for my gado gado language,it just because that movies lingers in my mind..heheh..Hidupp AREMAAA!!

Au revoir!Ciao......*

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