What do you got?

I've just had a yummy yummy dinner.. A steak!yeahh...it's been so long didn't eat this yummy meal. This evening I watched AFC ch and they made a tempting steak and it made my mouth all watery... I ran to my mom and asked steak for dinner, so me, my mom and my little brother went out.
And i had a super delicious steak...Ahhh..cut the story, i think that's not neccesary..

While our dinner,my mom showed me a nice quote :

"Kalau kita tidak rela untuk membuat pilihan dan lebih suka menjalani hidup dalam batasan-batasan yang nyaman dan aman,maka kita telah kehilangan kesempatan untuk melewati perjalanan yang akan membawa kita jauh lebih besar"

The point is get out from your comfort zone, your comfort zone will not give you anything but lazzines..And the rough world will give you success and something incredible..
Like me, firstly i hate Jakarta so much... It is really different with my daily life in Malang... My first time I cried everydaaay, everything feels so strange, weird, hard. It's a totaly horror living alone! And i missed my hometown so badly, i really missed my home, my friends, my comfortable bed, i missed everything about Malang. It's been so hard to do everything , no more mom when i got sick, no more Pak pii*my driver* that will drive me anywhere, just ojek and angkot. I've been so glad when i'm back in Malang, I enjoyed Malang so much but I must go back to the reality, Malang is not my place anymore. I really didn't want to go back to those shit again! I cried out again at the airport and atthe taxi. And I realized that I had become a melancholic person! I become a person with low self esteem, that always underestimate myself, it was so hard to laugh.I'm become a pathetic person. And i remembered what my mom said to me"If you didn't face it, you will not grow up". The problem is I just didn't see the good side from overall.
I just didn't realize that God was always beside me day by day, He helped me to made friends, He took care of me from abang-abang, He looked after me when i'm sick, He keeps me company when i'm studied and He woke me up softly .He gave me more than enough! He made me more mature, not a mommys little girl again. He handled and solved all the problems. And i believe there is a beautifull rainbow after this hard rain.He just want me to be SOMEBODY.
And hey if it hurts probably it's worth it.Just take it from the bright side!

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