please get well soon babe..

"Matinya internet d rumah menyebabkan kebengongan luar biasa! Hell!l
That was my update status on Facebook...
Yaah.. My internet connection has been off for 3 days..hell noooo!
It is really killing me, I really want to update my blog so bad..there are so many things that happened this couple of days that i wanna write..I posted this update using my cell phone sooo I couldn't post pictures like always, it feels like just a simple ordinary blog..hate this..
I hope my internet connection will "heal" immediately! 3 days feels like forever dum dum.. My home feels so boring, I just ask my friends to take me out..waargh..
Alx said that is soo lebay!*too much*
it really added another dimension of my yelling in home so besides the regular "booosaaan..." There's another yell "Edaan! Waaargggh...mboookk...adohhh maaa...blablabla...."
And my mom will say" udaa..jangan ngeluh terus.."But I know that she absolutely needs the internet too..heheh..
Buut the positive thing that I can get is...I can sleep early, more staying up until dawn..

Hmpf..let's pray that "he" will get well soon....huahhh..huks huks...sroot...

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