Loonngg time no see..

Helloo! I'm back! It's been so looong that I didn't post a blog, (honestly) I miss blogging so much..But this week has been so crazy!so many things that I must do this week..and much more to come next week,paper,quiz,assignments. thank goodness this crazy week is over and I can relax a little bit!

Last Friday was Batik day...
After M(alay)sia stole our batik and claimed that batik is their own culture, finally UNESCO declared that batik BELONG TO INDONESIA! hahah...
Who has last the laugh?
On that day,me and Sara went to Toni Jack's, yup 13 McD in Indonesa is "pirated" by Toni Jack's. now McD is becoming less...

The packaging is still plain,white.And suprisingly you can get the burger only Rp8000,00.cheap!
You ask about the taste? the taste is tottaly same with McD..some of the menu are same with McD, they just change the name..I giggled when looked at the name of the menu "Marah 1, marah 2,blabalabla.." huh? what does it mean? and what does it stand for?

First when I heard about this issue,that McD is becoming Tonny Jack's, I'm little bit dissapointed. McD was my childhood meal, and why the name is Toni Jack's.It's really not cool...!
But I little bit curious, want to try it! so I asked Sara to accompany me...Sara is always excited to eat.. aren't you sar? :)

If you look at the pole that it used to be Mcd's pole, Toni Jacks just cover it up with a black fabric. like McD is pirated by pirates!


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