electric blue

What am I up to last Saturday? I was hunting photos with Sara and Lio,umm...no,no..I didn't hunted the photos, I became the MODEL.. Because there's no model for the object, they took me *insisting clearly* as the model .Seriously, I feel so silly and little shy. Well, I'm not used to be a model, and I don't know how to be a great, fab model..sorry fellas... :)
But they did great, the photos are cool! but well..some photos of me look so silly..

And I a;so took some photos, I hope you like it! :)



What I've been seeing a lot lately, a blue flat shoe!

Whatever it models..I just want a pair of blue flat shoe,really badly..I've been looking forward for the perfect one..uh no..where I can find them?huh?