cekot cekot

Hmm..how to start my post.. ..umm..My lecturer is too cute and charming, and I never notice to what the heck he was talking about , so I got a bad mark in his subject ...no no no...! not about that!
his face just lingered in my mind lately :)

Well, I'm so messy right now, I fell dizzy, my body's getting warm, but I feel freezing and my body just feels painful..It happened since last sunday actually, and I just ignored it..I thought that maybe I just got tired..
well, I joined a gym club lately...becauseee I feel that I got a big belly, and I have a "muscle" in my arms... So when I looked at the mirror, and looked at my tummy, I feel that"hmm..there's something wrong with you tummy"

I'm so obbesed to have a skinny body and of course a tight tummy!
So I worked out for 2 days lately and after working out I always sleep with a grumbling tummy...

And now, i got what was coming to.I got fever and my body just felt pain all over...
I was confused what the hell that it was, so I told alx and he said" that's meriang"

And I've pinky promise to my self and my tummy that I never do that silly things anymore!
I always love to eat, I grab all food,and there is no word "DIET" for myself...
so it's the stupid thing that I've ever done..

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please get well soon... :(

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