What a sunny day!


Hiii...I'm homeee....
Got back from my vacation, and got back to the hot sunny home..
The weather was so extremly hot in here..Made me so lazy to do anything and it made me in a bad mood..
Overall,I enjoyed my vacation, get away from madness of the city..walked on the seashore,walk around the Kuta square..enough for relaxing my mind..wohoo..
Buuutt, what I din't expect was the weathers, everyday was cloudy and light rain, it quiet ruined my holiday.Bali seemed so mellow..Well, I think that was better than sunny days..


Actually I feel a little silly to share about this holiday, because there are so manny places that we've not visited yet! Because my trip was just 4 days, and 4 days feel sooo fast..So we just visited some places, like Dreamland, Kuta square, Kuta beach,Waterboom.. And it felt too short for a holiday.. :(
ah ya! The traffic in Bali was so crazy.. Many vehicles in the small street, always full and crowded of strang
e people..sigh..

Anyways enough with the grumbles..

Eventhough there are so many bad things that came up, I trully enjoyed my vacation. Finally I got my holiday that I've wished lately..and at last my familly could gathered up in this holiday..
I'm posting this blog while watching a great movie"License to Wed" it is a really funny and touching movie..so romantic! So, sorry for my messy post, because my eyes are on the movie... :)


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