Polaroid time.

Since my last holiday, me and my familly had a plan, every sunday we go trip around Malang.Visited old place that we haven't visited for long times, or visited new place that we haven't visited yet.
Couple week ago my Dad purposed an idea to go to Selecta,in my imagine it will be a boring, crowded and old place.But my Dad was so excited want to go this place...
My mom said that it was my chilhood place, but I really forgot about this place..

My expectation was so false! Selecta is a beautifull place...
There is a lovely garden areas that full of colourfull flower! And all around me was greeny, it was soo fresh...

The buildings is still old, but it looks gorgeous vintage place...They keep all looking great, the building, the garden, the swimming pool..
I incredibly enjoyed it so much..We laughed, took pictures, played..so much fun..
When I write this and saw all the pictures, I wanna fly to my home so badly.I miss them so much!

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  1. wah aku pun ke selecta nik.. hihihi. brings out memories abis