A couple of days ago was the subject that I'm waiting for, Photographic Communication. I'm so interested with photography and I want to learn it more and more. I always imagine the teacher that will be teach me like a fun,and creative person.But what did I got? I'm just a little bit disappointed with him, he is a "bule" with low voice which made it so boring.I was sleepy when he told us about his subject and his rules. he is like a really boring person.But when he showed us the video about father of modern journalism, I GOT INTERESTED!
Henri cartier-bresson, he helped develop the "street photography" or "real life reportage" style that has influenced generations of photographers that followed.

His photos are beautiful. He was truly a great man and simply the best photographer of all time!His photos are just simple but they look so marvelous... You must be curious what camera did he used, he was borned at France in 1908 and died in 2004.So there must not be a DSLR at his period, he used a Leica rangefinder, and one lens, a 50mm, for almost all of his life's work.The unique from of this Leica .it's view finder is in the left of the camera, not in the midlle like usual cameras, so when one of your eyes shoot something ,you also can explore what is around you..

vintage camera,huh?but you are gonna be surprise with the price, it is about $700-$8000, and the lenses is about $1000-3000! Couple days ago they launched a new Leica, M9.interested?


  1. dosenmu siapa toh niq???
    aku dapet pak tigorrr :D

  2. ak dapet Mr T.Thomas.Bule, ga jago deh kayaknya, kalo ngomong aja ga jelass...