Happy Birthday Dustin! :)

Friday already? ohh my... times is flying so fassstt... And it happened again, I'm too happy here, and don't want to go back to Jakarta.. I really hate goodbyes.. Especially when my friends are coming back to Malang, we rarely to meet each other.so lately, we just spent a great times..!


It was so much fun there, lots of good food and lots of stories! It's so much fun to spend a relaxing day with friends, gossiping, laughing, and talking about good old times.. it feels like flash back, it feels like an age since I didn't laugh out loud..huuuff...

I really hate farewell..


And this feeling always pops out when I should go back to Jakarta, ALWAYS! suddenly I become a moody and mellow person......and scared for nothing.yahh NOTHING niq..!

But I know life must go on and I realize that I'm too close for comfort.*jadi lagu deh*

Cut cut the grumbles!

Anyway thanks for Sara for the tag of "3 oh 3" :D
it is really better than I posting a grumpy post
soo here it is..

3 things you addicted to :

my little smelly pillow, biting my nails, internet!

3 things you interested to :
smart and funny boys, sewing, photography

3 things you found hot :
vin diesel*hot hot pop!!* a tall,gentle,cool,sixpack boys dengan suara serak serak basah nya,raawwrr..Malang *getting HOT*

3 wildest dream :
nari Hip Hop di depan orang banyak :)
travelling around the world when I'm 25 years old just by myself,alone!
punya rumah d setiap negara XD

3 obsession :
become a succesfull woman, have a jealousy life, unstopable person

3 things you treasure the most :
family, photos of my childhood,my little pillow*again!*

3 types of smell you love :
bau rumah pertama kali dateng,my little pillow, minyak telon

3 types of smell you hate :
rokok! bau busway yang sesek2 an, minyak nyong nyong

3 bad habits :
bite my nails, kalo ga suka orang*d kenal maupun ga dikenal* ak bakal pasang tampang jijik dengan refleks,have a low low memory

3 things you love to wear :
short pants, sandals, big tees

3 childhood toys :
sepeda,pistol pistol an, mainan rumah rumah an

3 favorite author :
Ono Eriko, Road Dahl,have no ideas

3 favourite director:
ga tau, pokoknya bukan sutradara sinetron kacangan.

3 reason you do this thing :
karena lgi bete, better than i post a crap posting, d tag sara :)

3 person you would to tag to do this :
dann semuaaa yang lagi mengalami kegejean seperti saya saat ini..

hit the bed!


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