mellow monday

Today is my second days in Malang, the weather is tottaly different with Jakarta, the hot Jakarta and the cold Malang. Since yesterday, when I got back here, Malang is so cloudly, little rain sometimes. Hmmm..Yellow mellow.. Tottaly different with hot, sunny Jakarta! I think that was over 1000 degrees out this week...!Huuff....

The perfect day. I really miss this time, wrapping in warm blanket and hear the sound of rain outside my window- which is happened last night. :D


Anndd my holiday just like before, relax at home, watching TV, grub and grub.What a lazy day! I'm getting fat and chubby...Oooh nooo...!
I don't want to waste my time like before, I want make my holiday more usefull..But I still don't know what I'm gonna do :) Well..Perhaps I will take some course.remember Uniq!make your time more more usefull...!

But I still want a great..



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