'Lovely' November


November already? Actually it used to be my favorite month, when I was a kid I can't wait for November.November means "lovely month" for me.. I can't wait for the presents, can't wait for the surprise, can't wait to get older! Well, I can remember how I desperately want to get older, actually the reason is... I just want to be free, I want to get out from my home..So my parents can't control me anymore,and I can do anything that I want...a childish wish...I remember when I was in the primary school wore red skirt, and so mesmerize look at blue skirt, and want to change my red skirt to be blue skirt and after I wore my blue skirt, I really want to wore a gray skirt, and after that I don't want to use uniform anymore! And now, when I got that, all I just want to go back to primary school...

in a few days, I will turn 19..that's means I'm getting older..and i hate it
It so scary for me..you know that, as we grow older there will be many hard responsibilities, and that's means there will be "something" that is waiting for me..for better or for worse..
I know, that I must grow up, I must be more mature..I can't be a kid anymore.but..I'm just not ready yet...I can remember how happy I am when I was a kid,my mom love me so much, less problem, less stress, there will be my mom beside me when the problems come.. And now?
Let's call november "hateable month"
For me, growimg up is a hard things...
arrgh..hate this feeling.... stop with the melancholics, everything must go on, just face the truth...

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