Watch His Moves!

i proudly present youuu:jreng jreng......*

Cute yaaa??!ahhaha.That's POCOYO! You can also watch his attractive moves on playhouse disney! I know i know it's for children, I just unintentionally caught him! His moves, and his voices are bloody cute!and his friends are also adorable*The expressions and the moves of duck pulls off are especially funny*!ahhah...
I don't want you to assume me as sok imut,childish blablabla... Once again i just caught him unintentionally on playhouse disney, and he made me fallin' love with him soooo sooo much!It's really quirky and hilarious I absolutely love it.
I thought that it is not normal for my age, so i've just showed the video to sara, my little brother and alex. And they laughed! and my mom giggled too..:D I've just downloaded the videos and saved them on my Ipod, so when i'm getting grumpy, boring i can watch them and they succesfully made me smile!:)

Soo who doesn't interest with them anyway?!hehehe....

I wanna cuddle him.....!

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