This is a story of a love triangle between
Cina (the boy), Annisa (the girl),
and Tuhan (God).
Cina and Annisa love God
and God loves them both
But Cina and Annisa cannot love each other
because they call God by different names

I haven't seen this movie yet.But reading the synopsis and watched the trailer it made me pay attention of to this independent movie.Controversial.This really interest me as the issue is really relevant to current situation back in Indonesia, or maybe to extent, the world.It brings out religion issue and contrast the taboo topic in an objective way and not taking sides.I think some people always argue about differences, it always never has an end.Even some people fight just because they are different.And what do you think about this?

Why do YOU create us in differently way if YOU only want to be worshiped in one way?

*by the waaayy I got this trailer from hereeee!

And heey!this evening i just bought a classic novel, it's one of my favourite fairytales..yeahh,I'm still in love with fairy tales,who's not??!hereee it is:

yaaahh!Peter Pan!a boy who lives with lost boys and fairies(tinkerbell is my favourite character!) on a magical island called Neverland...
i looovee this story because he doesn't want to grow up and he just wanna plaaay and plaay pluuss he lives in wonderfull world! like me.i don't want to grow up..hehhehe...
besides that, i promise to my self ,during this holiday i want to improve my english!sooo i just watched cable TV everyday and push my self to read english books as much as i cann!

Sooo now i'm ready for my bedtime story :)
Good nightt everyoneeee...
see youuuuu!!!

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