Move my "cheese"


Finally, I decided to move to a new boarding house..and it's not as scary as I thought before..
Before I moved to this boarding house I visited it like 4 times, to assure myself that I'm making a good decision.. (honestly it made the owner of the boarding house kinda annoyed)

For me, it's a big deal to move out from my "comfort zone". I've been living in that boarding house for almost 2 years now, and I met a lot of new people there, got so many experience, and I tasted bitter sweet life from that place.
It's realy hard, I kind of already gotten use to life in that place, I have known some people there, and finding food there is a cinch cause its near to a market so the food hawkers there are plentiful. And i have to leave one of my best friend behind :(

But, I have to get use of this place somehow, I have to learn how to "change". Because I'm that kind a person who's so dificult to change.. I still like to compare my new boarding house with the old one, and it makes me sad sometimes..
However, my friends was so nice to me, they helped me out to move all my stuff, which only God knows how much stuff that I have. With my astounding amount of stuff, we had to go back and forth like 4 times, and they were so generous helping me move my gazillion stuffs.
And Alx was so nice to me, he came to Jakarta to take care all of my needs, he came to my new boarding house by himself, put up my new mirror which we bought a few days before, helped me out to bought all my stuff, like plates, utensils, buckets, hangers, tissues, and so on. He also asked to the owner to clean my room before I move in to the room. He completely want to make sure I will be okay before he go back to his town...

B I G T H A N K' S
to you guys!

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