well, it's kinda a late story...
It's been like 3 weeks ago since I lost my cellphones..
after I lost my cellphones, on the next day mom walled me on my Facebook..because she can't contact me on any cellphone..she told me to go buy a new cellphone, and be carefull for the next time!
OH MY! I was soo shocked! it was all my fault and she didn't punished me, and I'd never thought that she would buy me a cellphone, that soon.. I was extremely happy and screaming inside.. How generous she is!

It was not all fun and joy,
several days later she sent me a note, that made me shocked (again)
i couldn't tell what exactly did she meant but,
she wrote that she is really disspointed with me, "I work in earnest and spend it in economically..
And you can get all what you want in easy way..
but you lost your stuff all over again..I was so dissapointed to you,the sweetest things she keep remind me that "Riches takes wings".All I have is belong to God,from God, Through God and to God be glory forever"
and in the end she wrote"i must forget and forgive, well I love you"


I read her note at campus while i was in class, and it felt like I want to get out from that class.
I have no idea, what I have to do.I feel dumb, suck, stupid.I hurt my mom so badly, I just thought that everything was going fine..but deep down inside she was dissapointed with me.
well, I remembered how she was so nice to me, she fulfill all of my needs and my wishes. But I always lose all of my stuff, it's not only this one time but it's like a million times that I lost or broke something. I just kept thinking that I could get everything as simple as turning my hand. So I took it for granted, I become careless.. I always ignored the small things, not often I underestimated them. call me an unrensposible person.

When I read that note I couldn't imagine how she wrote it, she is that kind of person who don't talk much that much, and rarely complains.its because of that reason that i knew that she was so dissapointed at me.
From that time, I started to keep all of my stuff carefully, spent my money wisely, and not underestimated the little things.
I love you mom...

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