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WAAAOW...it's like forever since my last post... okay, call me lazy or a turtle blogger. It's just I became so lazy to update my blog. Am I not missing my blog? I'M MISSING IT LIKE CRAZY! sometimes I blogwalk and felt like such an awful person that I just left my blog...and I so envy with their beautiful blog..ohh...
Well, there are a lot of story that I didn't tell you, soo muccchhh story...life just been upside down for me, there are a lot of things that happened to me..I kinda start loving my school life, I found a lot of friends and so much fun here!
But, there's still a bitterness here ..well, there is no perfect life...like sometimes this question popped in my mind "why is it so hard for me to blend and socialize with everything in my campus?" Sometimes I want to join some club, and spend some time with friends after college but I feel flat, I just felt that I didn't fit there. I just....did not belong there. I still want my high school life.what a stupid, lame, idiot wish!
that's why I prefer to be anti social rather than I have to be in an environtment that doesn't suit me and become someone fake
But I can't lie that life's has been good lately, yeah l-a-t-e-l-y. I found some friends and they are quite fun! They just blowed my "homesick" feeling, I'm just realized maybe it's just my culture shock, because sometimes I feel different with them, we have some differences in thought, different way. But I know I can solve it 'cause I trust that everything in this world has an end.


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