Boys will be boys..won't they?

It's midnight and as usual this is the time where my brain is at its most active.haha..
So i'm gonna tell what's been going through my mind. Maybe i dont talk about this too often, but it just popped into my mind all of a sudden.
Its about boys,
first of all i admit that im not a very committed person, because i fell that i'm still young and still wanna play so i try to avoid serious comitments, you can call me imature, but for me comittment is kinda creepy, especially comitment with boys.

For me boys is like a rollercoaster ride, sometimes they make me feel like i'm floating other times umm..not that good. I often hear boys say "girls are complicated" but for me as a girl, i have a hard time to figuring out boys. No offense, but guys like to lie, feel like they know EVERYTHING *smart-ass*, they burp A LOT, they have a HUGE ego, they're stupid at finding stuffs, only have sex on their brain, attention seeker, they DON'T LISTEN , have TONS of excuses, likes doing stupid stuff, hyperactive, and they seem to cant find the balance between hyperactive and just being plain ignorant.. well thats boys generally, from my personnal experience..

For me i dont wanna get ahead of myself, but when i think about mariage. I'm scared that he will change from what he was when we were dating, like, opening doors, carrying my groceries, listen to my complaints, etc. Its because my mom told me that marriage is like hell, marriage wont always beautiful like in the fairy tale, theres no "happily ever after" after marriage.

Some people have told me how scary marriage is, and not often the husband becomes violent and cheats eventhough he was super sweet when they were dating. Religion and a good family doesnt gurantee him to be a good husband, often times it seems like they are wearing masks to hide what they really are, thats why marriage is so unpredictable. Even now mom often complains to me how dad becomes more cuek, ceplas-ceplos, serampangan. i'm not telling you that i dislike my father.. Noo.. I love and respect him so much.

But the small things that they people tell me about marriage builds up and scares me, thats why i'm not in a hurry to marry soon. i want to be sure that im mature and responsible enough, because like reff. Jefry Rachmat say "You will atract people that is similar to you." So girls, dont worry, the perfect man will come to you when you perfected yourself
Well, I'm talking about this, because a lot of my friends are getting married soon, and the whole thought of it creeps me out.hmpf..


  1. but marriage is also about cute children.nyahaha. actually i have the same opinion with u, when we think more about marriage, it will become such nightmare. because, u know, people do change. nothing is guaranteed. but as i learn from some of some sources, the main point of all of these craps is we have to make sure that we are not the one who change to be worse. amin. :D

    *ceritanya lg bijak*hahahaha

  2. yap! ntar kalo married jangan lupa undang2 saraaa