my sweet tooth: a bite of strawbery ice cream

Having a strawberry ice cream in the rainy afternoon was so comforting.I enjoyed this gloomy afternoon by sitting at cafee with the nerdy dude while he doing his assignments.. So I just enjoyed my ice cream,it was called Triple Strawberry, and it's so hmmm.. yum! I also brought my lappie with me, and they have free wi-fi there, without any username and password!

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I kept thinking about my unstable emotions, lately... I didn't realize that it's effect to my health conditions, last day I checked up with my mom, 'cause my mom realized there were something wrong with my health, lets cut to the chase here... The doctor said that the disease came up cause I get stressed often, and if I kept on like these, it'll get worse. and she said that I need more relax time, and she suggested me to joined Yoga,err...Not for a second ever thought about it, I know that I'm full of anxiety, but I never thought that it would go that far.

Frankly, I used to be an ignorant person, but deep inside I always care about the little things,yap the little unnecessary things, even I know that they are crappy things.. I don't know if all of this is making sense.

For the meanwhile, I'm gonna stop thinking about all the negativity and start focusing to be more positive. Life's a highway, and I wanna ride it all night long. ;)


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Much appreciated. Anyway, I do hope that your stress levels will progressively decrease from time to time. You can do it! (:

  2. Emotions are always unstable haha great blog!!

    Adele –

  3. Oh yum, strawberry ice cream is my favourite.

    Hope you're feeling less stressed soon! x

  4. thank's all for your comments :D