rainy day.

It's late...well i kinda being random (again), I'm all alone, with my iTunes randomly playing mellow songs. And it just adds the melancholic feel.I'm just thinking how scary the time flies and I hope that I'm not wasting my times for useless stuff.
Well..I don't know where this feeling comes from but it's totally ruining my days.
I woke up this morning, and suddenly this question popped in my mind "what if all you have now was gone?"
And it's like flashback, for the recent things that happened in my life. I'm starting to love my days, I love my routines, I'm not getting homesick like before, I'm not lonely like usual, the point is I'm pleased with all I've got.

Friends, like I told you before, they really made a new change in my life, blown my 'homesick' feeling away, blowed my loneliness.
I had so much much much fun here, everyday seems like holiday for me..yes, because finally I can fit in with Jakarta, campus life and i can be my self, I'm not being somebody who's fake anymore.
I've just start to get use with all the bitter sweet life.
But then again,it will not last forever, they are not permanent, someday they will go, someday they will forget about me, someday I will be nobody for them, perhaps.That's why I never ever trust with "FOREVER FRIEND".this is bullshit! everything in this world is not made for permanent, they'll just made for temporary.
everything in this world have their own time.
everything in this world will disappear.for a short or for long lasting time.
everything in this world have an expired date.
the point is nothing in this world called FOREVER
I cried this morning, cried a lot, cried like a baby. I'm affraid that "unforeverness" time will come, and I'm not ready for that. My friends will be gone, and I'll be back in my entirely lonely life.back to my boring room. back to my "nobody's life". Honestly, the thing I hate the most in this world is farewell, I'm afraid to face it.Well,people said,you'll get a better life, a better replacement and so on. But deep inside there's still a feeling that you want to keep all that you have , you will do everything to let nobody taken from your life.
Will life treat you well after that? Do you will get a better replacement?Will you getting cure after the loss?

But there is a good news, eventough in this world have to gone,I realized that there will be someone who never let me go.He absolutely catch me when I fall down, be a friend for my loneliness, listen to all my grumbles, wipe my tears, a FAITHFUL one.In fact He will give a better place and better future. GOD, He will be my forever and ever.

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